^ Controller Boards for 850ZTX, 825 ZTX & TTZ900LC
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Controller Boards for 850ZTX, 825 ZTX & TTZ900LC
I have a couple hard to find TRUE Fitness Parts.

1. 110V Motor Controller was recently pulled from a working treadmill. To be sure, I just tested it again in a tread before listing. I researched and found that it fits the 825 ZTX, 850 ZTX and the TTZ900LC, however it came out of a 850 ZTX, so I would recommend doing your own research of course. The part number is 00296701.

Here is the ebay listing...

I will end the auction early for a good offer.

Also, I have another one that needs refurbished - $100 shipped to the lower 48.
You have done a good work in testing on several boards. In the articles of http://www.australian-writings.org/ there is similar research.  But it is limited to only two models while you havd done the same on three.

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