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Hi folks I'm 'Mac"
Hello to everyone, I am 'Mac' and am a 70 year old retired research engineer living in 'Silly Suffolk in the East of England.
I have been retired over 20 years, & I consider that I have been pretty active in my retirement & seemed to have  been pretty healthy even if never particularly fit. 
I had never been one to specifically exercise for health & am likely now paying the price for that.   Sad
.... But Hey! Ho! I have had my allocated '3 score & 10' so it's all a bonus from here on in  Exclamation
So then I was persuaded by a not too unpleasant  Heart heart attack 15 months  ago to sort out my cardiac fitness a bit.

I did an 8 week NHS sponsored Cardiac Re-Hab  Fitness course at a local Gym/Leisure Centre after having a quad-bypass op. without any problems & was thus inspired to continue with a rather more strenuous/regular program of exercise at the GYM
That is an hour a week class run by a very knowledgeable chap who is extremely passionate about improving the Cardiac health of others like me.
I know that 1 hour each week is just not enough at all. 
My wife & I swim a bit afterwords, but I do find that form of exercise rather boring. 
So in order to exercise more regularly, particularly during the winter months when I am loath to go out walking in bad weather I have got myself a S/Hand Horizon Andes 308 Elliptical Trainer.
Idea  That will be for my daily exercise regime provided I can discipline myself to actually use it regularly. 

I have posted on the 'Parts; Wanted forum about a missing plastic insert 'book holder' part on the Console & would greatly appreciate any help anyone could give on where I might look to obtain that bit. 
Also wondering where I should look on the forums for help on how to attach a photo in .jpg format to my thread over there.
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