^ Home Cycle brake belt 27001389 equivalent
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Home Cycle brake belt 27001389 equivalent
My Home Cycle must be one of the first models of stationary bicycle that Tunturi made. Let's not put a year on it.

Home Cycle brake belt 27001389 is listed as no longer available at the parts supplier sites I've visited.

Does anyone have one of these?

Is there some kind of make-do strap/belt that can work in place of this?
You will need to verify length. The only other machine I have seen this type of resistance belt is on a Monark Ergometer. A decent substitute might be a Tectrix Climbmax friction belt with holes. Again, you will need to verify length because I am not sure of sizes as they compare to yours. Hope this helps at least a little bit. I hope you find what you need.
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Thanks. Good clues. I will hunt down parts for those products.

It is 34" long, 3/4" wide.

I suppose I could make one with two small grommets (not aluminum, I think !) and the strapping, which might be some kind of nylon (Kevlar?), though nylon can be stretchy. It looks like they applied a little heat to the cut ends to prevent unraveling.

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