^ 8 Habits Ruin Student Career
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8 Habits Ruin Student Career
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It is the duty of parents and teachers to actively supervise the students in homes and schools. If students develop unhealthy habits, they should be guided and helped to rectify their faulty habits. Habits define the personality and they play an important role in students’ careers. 8 habits that ruin student career are discussed in this article.

1.     Procrastination

Delaying tactics destroy students’ academic achievement. The students who continuously delay their work always face difficulties in life. This habit effects student in long run, he/she tries to delay every task whether it is related to academics or non-academics. Postponement in academics on regular basis leads to failure.

2.     Laziness

Laziness ruins students’ life. The students who are lazy in delivering their tasks are always in search of shortcuts and they avoid active participation in academics. This trait makes them lazy in social life setting and they always refuge by making lame excuses.

3.     No Time Management

Time management is a habit and those students who don’t know the time management skills are always worried about the preparation for exams and tests. These students are always confused and apprehensive but they still don’t manage time to study each subject.

4.     Non Serious Attitude

Non serious attitude destroy students in every setting of life. They think that life is a joke and when they have to take the responsibilities of life they are not ready for this and eventually they fail in fulfilling their due responsibilities and duties.

5.     Interest in Extra Curricular Activities

Students who take more interest in extracurricular activities lose interest in academics. The habit of participating in extracurricular activities makes them distant from academics and they have to bear the brunt of life in later times.

6.     Bad Company

Company influences the students. Company becomes the habit which defines the personality of students. Bad company kills all the positive attributes of a student and makes him/her negative being. Bad company plays an important role in destroying student career.

7.     Drug Abuse

Occasional use of drugs makes the habit among students. The students get dependent on drugs, the over consumption of drugs not only effect the grades but sometimes prove fatal to students. Students must avoid the use of drugs for better future.

8.     Callous Attitude Towards Health

Health is very important. Students should take care of their health patterns. Unhealthy hygiene affects the academics and career of students. Good health is a key to success. Students should take proper diet and avoid unhealthy diets.

These 8 habits ruin students’ career. These habits seem non trivial but they shape up the personality of the students. Parents and teachers can play an active role in modifying the destructive habits of students. The constant guidance with care enables students to take challenges and responsibilities of life. Students should think rationally and they should possess the futuristic approach to foresee the aftermaths of bad habits. 

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