^ 12 things student learn from multicultural colleges/universities
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12 things student learn from multicultural colleges/universities
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Colleges and universities represent different cultures as students are from various regions of the world with different thoughts and unique cultural outlooks.

Students in colleges and universities learn different things from their fellow students. Students come from various parts of the world with interesting cultures. The colleges/universities provide platform to students to interact with each other and learn exciting things. 12 things a student can learn from multicultural colleges and universities are discussed in this article.

Language represents countries and a student can learn different languages from a multicultural college/university. Students find it interesting to learn other languages of their friends from other parts of the world. 

2.Customs and Traditions

Customs and traditions are unique for every country. When different people live together they get affected by customs and traditions from each other. Students enjoy learning about different customs and traditions from their student fellows. 

3.Rituals, Religions and Festivals

When students study together they respect each other’s religions, rituals and festivals. Students actively participate in these festivals and learn interesting aspects of different rituals, religions and festivals. 

4.Superstitions and Myths

Every country has some superstitions and myths. Students share these superstitions and myths and enjoy learning about these strange and bizarre myths and superstitions.

5.Clothing styles

Costume styles are very interesting features. Students like each other’s clothing styles and also try these costumes in order to look different. 

6.Different thinking patterns

Country’s territory has strong influences on our thought pattern. Each country is unique and its people have certain common thinking pattern. Students get to learn about different thought patterns of different countries of the world. 

7.Art and Literature

Art and literature are the distinguishing features of each country. Each country has unique art and literature. Students share their art and literature with their friends from other countries. This is exciting information for all students about different arts and literature. 

8.Different Behaviors and Moods of People

Different weathers affect people’s moods and behaviors. These behaviors and mood pattern are different for each country. Students learn about different behavior and mood patterns of people from different parts of the world. 

9.Values and Ethics

Love of humanity is taught in every country and religion. But there are certain values and ethics which are different and strange for each country. Students get the chance to know about the strange values from multi-cultural institutes. 


Food is unique for every country. Students taste and like each other’s food preferences. They invite each other on occasions and enjoy others’ foods.


Students share the tourism spots of their countries with their friends. Students get to know about different tourism places and make plans to hang out together.

12.Different Adventures

Students share their adventures with each other which are thrilling but exciting as well. Students try these adventures and cherish memories of these outrageous adventures.

These are the 12 benefits of studying at multicultural colleges and universities. Students not only seek education but they learn different and exciting cultures from each other. This information is also useful as it enhances their knowledge about different countries and cultures.

Author’s Bio:

Alex Sam at McGill and is a secondary school teacher in New York, United States. She is also a great writer and currently she is writing a book on video production service where she did well and deep researched on this video technology. You can also follow her at Facebook, Twitter and G+.
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