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Vision Fitness 9250 treadmill
Have a circa 2001 Vision 9250 folding treadmill.  The belt stopped working.  Took off the motor cover, but not sure what to look for.  Don't know what "brushes" are, but everything seems to be connected.  A repair service is too expensive, as it would cost more than 60% of total original purchase price of around $1,000.  Would like to fix it myself, if I could, but unsure whether to replace motor (it seems I can buy a replacement for the 2.0 hp Cambridge motor), or just parts.  Any help would be appreciated.
It's most likely the motor controller. The electronic board under the motor cover probably the diode or MOSFET on the heatsink. Peace.
Are you getting any kind of error code? Does the console give you a countdown and then you get no belt movement. The brushes refer to the 2 pieces in the motor, that conduct current through the rotating shaft. I would inspect the brushes as well. It may also help to check all the wires and ensure that none of the crimps are blackened or discolored.
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