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Online training advertising
Hi there,
Not sure if anyone here does any online training. I do, and have for a couple years. My question for anyone who does is, how do you get your name out? I tried paid ads a couple times and got zero response. The business I have gotten has been from posting on fitness forums and posting my link. A lot of sites are cracking down and not allowing this any more. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to get your online business out there and noticed?

To grow up business marketing strategies are very important so that people can get information and awareness about your business. I am a personal trainer so i do so much advertisement of my training programs. I have a video link. Visit this link and watch it. You will get some good ideas and i hope that you will get the answers of your questions.
Hi Sarah,
I agree with Shown and like to add this is electronic media and you cannot make your business run profitable without advertising. There are lots of social networking sites, you can take edge of these site to bring awareness in people. Good luck!
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Thanks for the information.

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