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Personal Trainer Certifications
Hi Everyone! New to message board and I am interested in becoming a certified personal trainer. I work out at 24 hour fitness so needless to say, I'm not going to ask anyone there :roll: Who is the best out there?
I've had several certs over the years and I think the one that provided the most benefit was my Scirion Institute of Exercise Physiology cert (which has since expired) :cry: When I told my clients I was certifed by them, some didn't know what I was talking about but others were really proud of me. There are a lot of cert programs out there and you really can't go wrong with most. Just don't take an "online" exam or a "home exam" because those programs aren't well respected in the industry.
Hope this helps.
Hey thanks for the info! I did some research on Scirion Institute of Exercise Physiology and they seem to be on everybodys mind. Here is the message board I found on them.

http://www.newomen.com/phpBB_14+index-a ... c-292.html
I agree with you cacrane, except I don't think people should take an exam that no one is monitoring. That is a little silly. NASM sells such programs as does ISSA and other "nationally recognized programs" I would recommend ACE, Scirion Institute or ACSM because they are highly respected amogst fitness professionals. There are plenty of other options but why go for something ANYBODY can get?
Firstly great advice on this message board.

I came across this:

http://www.focus-training.com/course-pe ... rainer.htm

What are your thoughts on this training course?
Well, to be a good personal trainer, you must be a good gym worker yourself. One must be expert in a field to be a trainer in that field. Commitment for becoming a personal trainer is more important than the training itself. So make your mind specific for the purpose and start your work.
True and i am agreed with John. Being a personal trainer i would like to say one thing that commitment is very important to if you want to do something good then make a commitment with you and with others.A proper knowledge of gym workout is good for a good personal trainer.
Hi SkeezerPleezer,
Thanks for the reply and your post will be of great help for those who are trying to become a personal trainer and looking for certificates to get perfection in their work and to make life healthy for people.
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