^ PARTING OUT ... Healthrider R65 Model HRTL7183 (Nordictrack)
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PARTING OUT ... Healthrider R65 Model HRTL7183 (Nordictrack)
I have a factory verified bad console on my treadmill that is no longer available Angry . Before I haul it away to the scrapyard and sell it for scrap, I figured I'd see if there were any folks on here that needed some deep discounted used parts to get theirs back up and running. The Tech said my motor controller board is still good and I know the elevation motor and belt motor were working even when the control panel was starting to go out.

We purchased this unit new ~2007 and the wife used it occasionally for about a year and very sporadically ever since (the Deck still looks new!) . The control panel started going out about 3 years ago and finally quit working all together last year. Many of the parts in it are interchangeable with other Nordictrack built systems so you can check your part #'s here: http://www.fitnessrepairparts.com/equipm...L71830-R65

If I don't take this thing to the recycle center in the next week or so she's liable to kill me so this won't be here for long!

I need the drive motor (HRTL7183 Healthrider R65).
How much do you want for it?
Does your machine have a wireless pulse receiver? I'm looking for one to replace on my 9600 series. The part number is 6013877 and is no longer available. If you have a receiver I'm willing to take a chance it may work even if you can't confirm a match. Thanks.
Do you still have the treadmill? I need a lower board.
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