^ New with Scirion Institute!
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New with Scirion Institute!
Big Grin


I am new and in Boston is where I want to start out at.
I travel there many times for fun, now it will be for
business/fitness and health. Anyone out there in Boston
thats in the program?

Any highlight tip that you think/know is valuable to know, be aware of?
Not only for business, but also with Boston?

Hey Najel,

I got certified by Scirion Institute in June but I took the test in New York. I have to say the exam was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I'm certifed by ISSA too but that certification was easy to get.
Yes the exam was extremely hard and I think it was
because of the time frame. Well for me it was.
I think I could of answer better if I had more time.

many questions to answer in 2 hours.

I went to school for personal training with NPTI - National Personal Training Institute for 6 months. I have been training for more than two years now, and I love it. Its soo much fun, many different characters and challenging.

In personal training one must be quick on there toes and be creative.
Not all clients can perform the exercises prescribe.

I found this site doing a search on NPTI. I've heard really good things about Scirion Institute from other trainers in the industry. They say that the Scirion program is the real deal for professionals and their program ranks up there with the best.
I'm researching NPTI but so far all I can seem to find are some random postings on how they went bankrupt! :cry:
Hi Najel,
Thanks for starting this threat and asking about any highlight tip as your threat will be of great help for me and for those who were looking for this information and valued comments by other members made this thread informative.

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