^ Elite Treadmill ENDEX Power board
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Elite Treadmill ENDEX Power board
Hi There. I am trying to locate an ENDEX Power controller board for an Elite Treadmill - I have tried contacting ENDEX.COM.TW, but it appears that is only a website with no means of contact as the links don't work. I have also tried ELITE here in NZ and Aus, but the information and ***** says that the product ELITE METEOR is obsolete. The board has a few functions. 1) It supplies the low voltage to the main speed, elevation, trip and programmable exercise panel. 2) It controls and regulate the 2 motors used for elevation and treadmill speed. If it is not possible to track down a board a circuit diagram would prove extremely useful. Any help and assistance, guidance or persons to contact would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :-))
Hi All. I didn't include details of the type of power motor control board. It is an ENDEX DCMD67. Other number on the board are 0407 Ji136 V2.1. I have attached a photo for further clarification. Thanks Smile
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