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Personal Training?
Hi Everyone!
I want to ask a question here!
I am curios about knowing that whether to hire a personal trainer or not. I am doing cardio along with natural diet foods, but now I am thinking that personal training would be better ....
What do you think...?

I'm not a personal trainer, but in my opinion, I would suggest hiring a personal trainer if:

1. you're not seeing results
2. you don't know where to start
3. you need motivation

Here's a bad reason to hire a personal trainer:
Putting out money is the only way you'll commit to exercising.

Good luck.
Hi John,
If you are not meeting your fitness goals then I will advice you to consult personal trainers as they are hired for this and they are professionally trained people who will not only engage you in regular physical activities but also guide you regarding diet meal plans.
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you should hire an personal trainer
Hi everyone,

First of all, you have to take a look at your budget, if you afford a trainer then you should try this and if your budget is low then you should not try. Here is one more thing we need that is fix timing for your training. When you will hire a trainer then you have to give a specific and fix time for this.
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