^ What's the healthiest sport?
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What's the healthiest sport?
I think swimming is the best because it stretches your muscles and gives work to all of your body parts. So what do you think?
I too agree with it, because I and my brother are going to summing club every day and both we are not following any exercises apart from this. However we can get attractive body shape and strong muscles.
Yes, of course swimming is very good for health and fitness. In swimming our whole muscles involve to produce motion. So swimming is good for overall body fitness and muscle's strength. But I don't have much opportunity for swimming so I only do swimming at weekends. And I do running exercise daily in the morning, running keeps me fit and healthy indeed.
A recent survey in business magazine Forbes has rated squash as the healthiest sport of all.

The sport is one of the best ways to keep fit and have a lot of fun, too.

Forbes asked fitness experts to score a selection of sports in four areas, including cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility.

The report also incorporated scoring on calories burned and injury risk.

Squash was the winner, knocking over much more popular sports such as rowing, running, cycling and swimming.

Interesting... I would have answered swimming
I think it’s running, because it needs more effort and more energy. So you can get healthy and strong body if you run at least 10min daily.
The biggest benefits of swimming are the cardiovascular health and muscular endurance that it provides. Interval training, in particular, can be quite effective in promoting weight loss and strength training.
There is no such exact sport. All the sport activities are healthy and help to maintain your metabolism.
Hi All,
I also think swimming is the healthiest sport as it is great to lose and maintain weight and strengthens your heart and lungs. Swimming improves muscle strength, flexibility and balance and boost energy levels.
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Yes, I agree with you all. Also I would like to add cycling to this list.
Triathlon - Swimming, Cycling, and Running all in one sport.
I agree, swimming is the safest form of exercise. It helps you lose weight without any harm effects.
Yes,you're right,swimming is definitely the answer,unfortunately I can't swim,I tried to learn but failed
Exactly.. Swimming is the best way to loose weight... And I would like to add jogging also to the list..

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