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Preventitive Maintenance
Can anbody tell me the going rate for PM's for treadmills or other cardio stuff in Georgia? How long should it take to do a PM on a treadmill? Are there certification requirments? or insurance requirements in order to do exercise equipment repair? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
I can't give you any idea what the going rate is GA is. But when I started my business I called round and asked what they were charging then based my entry point on that.

I takes about 25 - 30 mintues to do a proper PM on most treadmills.

There are no QUOTE Certification Requirements UNQUOTE however if you plan on doing warranty work for the manufacturers, most of the good ones have a certification training they want you to attend.

There are no insurnace requirements ... but it is a good idea to carry insurnace. Some contracts (your customers) will require insurance others don't care.
Thanks for the information, it was helpful.

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