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Music for training
Quote:I always have a hard time coming up with music for my classes. Anyone have suggestion? I just found a site that has playlists based on exercise...like for running, biking, aerobics, etc. I've been using that for a couple of months now. its www.championo2cool.com if you want to check it out. Let me know what you think and suggestions for music. THanks

Bravo, your idea is useful
Playing some music in the background is an effective technique which will boost your enthusiasm.
Listing to music when I feel sad and lonely will help me to boost my mood and make me feel relaxed.
Music is a cure for our mind. I listen to music every day. It helps me a lot to relax especially in busy and stressed days.
Hi. you can try aerobic instructor music that you can find online. There are many cheap that you can search but try to look for a reliable website.

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