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List of Excercise Equipment Service Providers
9/8/07 I'm just looking at how old some of these Admin notes are .... I guess we as the admin group are not keeping up. How about it guys Anyway I see that www.FitnessRepairParts.com is offering to give you service providers free advertising so I guess this idea is really dead.

I will leave this posted for a few weeks then remove it so the forum does'nt look outdated.

3/22/04 The people have spoken ( Confusedhock: WELL actually haven't spoken) SO we will not be creating a new forum for listing service providers. If you are looking for an ISP in your area, just check the membership list that may lead you in the right direction.

2/26/04 We have had very little voting on this issue, so I must make the assumtion that this is not needed. I will let the voting run for a bit longer.

We are considering setting up a forum for Independent Service Providers to interact with other members of this board. In this forum you could list your company and the your coverage area. Addtionally people searching this board could have a place to request service in their area (this is already happening to some degree) I think if we make an area specifically for that propose more people might use it. I need your opinions on this before I have it set up.

Note: As always we would not be charging any fee for this and we don't want to regulate or control people finding each other. Our intent is to provide the space for ISP's and potential customers find each other.

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