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Field Service Software
This is addressed to fellow repair companies. We are looking for software that can do Estimates/Work Orders/Invoices as well as inventory management and the kicker :3rd party bill payments.
I have searched all over the net and most of the software out there provides the features of dispatching and scheduling the work, having tech access on the mobile device and etc., BUT most of them are also lacking Equipment Tracking, Inventory parts management and 3rd party bill payer. I found that 3rd party bill payer is most difficult for anyone to understand and provide solution.
The need is: LifeFitness sends me a dispatch to fix the treadmill at customers home. I create a ticket under the customer and I choose LifeFitness as 3rd party bill payer. That way the customer still gets the ticket, but with $0.00 amounts and then Lifefitness gets invoices for that customer. Seems so simple but none of the software vendors offer that OR they want something crazy like $1000.00 per year PER USER.

So, I would love to hear some ***** what software you guys and girls are using to keep track of your customers as well as do all the billing all in the same place.

Thank You.

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