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Yowza Sanibel I-35 no resistance
I've owned the machine from new 6+ years. Used it sparingly until I recently retired and am using more now.

The machines resistance function does not work. I doubt it ever has.

Anyone had this problem and resolved it successfully? I'm not sure if the servo motor is junk or it's not
receiving a signal from the main display panel. All other functions appear to work as they should.

Dealing with Yowza appears to be an exercise (pun intended) in frustration so thought I would ask here first.

Yeah, I know I should have gotten to this sooner but a few family health issues and work left no time for it.

Don't care about warranty, will pay to fix it if possible.  May rig something up myself if necessary.

Thanks for any help, and Happy New Year to moderators and everyone!    Mike in Mass

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